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Michael my friend I've got to hand it to you you've turned me around big time fittest I've felt since a was a wee boy! Thought it was gonna be a nice easy session to break us in, nah a 6 mile run with sprints and stairs but if it wasn't for your trainin a reckon a would have died, was flyin mate so this is just a wee text to thank you for pushin me week in week out.

Thomas Halliday - Mechanic - after his first pre-season football training 


“Michael really is a fantastic, knowledgable personal trainer. Having previously trained with PT’s at a couple of big commercial gyms, I can honestly say the difference between them and Michael is night and day. 


I've been training with him for around 3/4 months now and he's helped me see some major improvements in my strength, mobility, technique and overall fitness levels. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your personal goals, then helps you achieve them through coaching, motivation and education to help you understand the best way to perform movements. 


Basically, I couldn't recommend him highly enough if you're looking to get stronger or fitter!”

Mike Hunter- Graphic Designer 


Feeling happy, healthy and full of energy. The best I've felt in years. Thanks to the help of 2 amazing people, George Gibson and Michael Rogan I've lost 3.5 stones. It's been a challenge and I've still got more to lose but I know with the knowledge they've given me, I can do it. Cheers guys!!!!


David McInally - Reprographics


“Done some Personal training sessions with Michael. Fantastic guy to train with always got the best out of me and pushed me to new limits. Got to my lowest weigh while training with him and even now he’s never far away when needing training advice or a push. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape. “ 

Deane Devine - Builder

Had wasted money several times over years in gym memberships then didn’t use them. Decided if was serious about getting fit spending the money on personal trainer would be worth it!


Initially had wanted to lose weight. Was also looking for a bit more structure to gym sessions some routines & exercises I could use over & over again. Had often went to gym & felt that hadn’t 

made most of time there!


Michael was able to set me up with a structured training plan & teach me exercises/workouts I now knew would be beneficial! Was also given advice on diet which alongside regular exercise has helped me to lose over 2 stone!


When Covid pandemic started he wrote me a couple of home workouts which has helped me stay on top of fitness during lockdown. Regular positive feedback/encouragement has also helped to keep me motivated.


Hasn’t been anything to demanding or complicated gradual step by step increases in gym sessions & workouts has helped me to become fittest I’ve been in years. The fact that I’ve signed up for another block of 20 sessions would be the best recommendation I could give!

Owen Young - Retail worker

I have been a loyal member of Nuffield Gym Giffnock for 13 years I have known Michael since he started working for Nuffield.


For someone as young as Michael his level of knowledge, service that he offers and expertise are extremely impressive which make him stand out from your average trainers. He takes a great deal of interest in you and treats you as an individual and not a number.


Finally having worked for over 20 years in the customer service industry I am aware of what makes excellent customer service and Michael's attention to detail, attitude and positive energy are second to none he was an asset to Nuffield and will be greatly missed, I would recommend him to both new and existing clients who need that expert level of guidance. I wish Michael well in his future career within the fitness industry he is a credit to his profession.




Michael has been a great personal trainer, encouraging me to get more out of each session at the gym. His advice has helped me lose over a stone in weight, improve core stability and reduce lower back pain. Michael has introduced me to a full range of apparatus in the gym giving me the confidence to try a wider variety of exercises and make each session more rewarding.

Graham - Architect 

I've been training with Michael for around a year now and I've seen great results in improved strength, fitness and flexibility. He is hugely encouraging and knowledgeable and is focussed on my goals. He's also good fun and down to earth. 


Training with Michael has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience, both in the well-kitted-out gym and when we've had to resort to Zoom during lockdown. Progress has continued throughout and the training sessions have been just as demanding regardless of location. I would highly recommend Michael.



When I started doing sessions with Michael, I was very unfamiliar with using weights and the exercises that go along with them. I had always wanted to do them to put on a bit of muscle but was never confident enough due to worrying that I would never get the form right and possibly hurt myself. The help I’ve received from Michael has allowed me to now do these exercises with confidence but also take the form and exercises I’ve learned into gyms now that they have opened up. Since working with Michael, I have seen great improvements on how my body looks, and how I feel generally day to day. I would never be afraid to ask him questions on exercises or instructions I was confused about, and we would take time to get to bottom of any problems I had. I couldn’t recommend training with Michael enough, he has helped me a great amount and I couldn’t thank him enough.

Mark Reilly - Student 

Hi Michael.

I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through a programme which helped my

Injured body back to a level of fitness I didn’t expect to achieve.

You co-ordinated with my ‘phisio – LISTENED – and adjusted your programme

accordingly, encouraging me in your quiet upbeat manner and showing empathy

when I was ever feeling tired or needing extra motivation.

I have now returned to playing tennis (as badly as before!) but much much fitter.

Again many thanks. Much appreciated.


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